Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's been such a long journey since last I blogged.
My son turned 12 in January and my daughter turned 3 in July. Could you believe my son will be in middle school this next school year. He's trying his hardest to get through the sixth grade. Abigail has adjusted well to her surroundings. She had been going to a daycare that she didn't like and switched last August. She is in the Pre-K3 class at her brothers school and is learning all the little things about being a 3 year old. She is very creative and enjoys coloring, cutting, and gluing. She loves handling those little scissors, Lord knows I have to keep those hidden.

In January my Mother went through a heart transplant and is recovering well. God has blessed her so much. My daughter and I will be heading down to Seattle to spend a month with her. It's going to be tough on my finances but it's got to be done.
We've gone through the hardest part and now it's time to start new. We've already started planning the summer with fishing, camping, and berry picking. Those are a few things mother has missed. Last summer she went berry picking and this year she'll be alot stronger.
To fill her time in Seattle she started quilting. I've got several quilts on the table. The first being a baby quilt for the doctor I work with. She had a little boy, Colton. I love all the fabrics with stars and little boats. I'm sure it won't be finished by the time I leave for Seattle. I'm sewing the blocks up into strips and I don't know if I like it much. The fabric make the strips look gorgeous but the seams are not matching up like I want.
Another quilt I am planning is one for my mother. The fabric is sweet (pictured top left). I am waiting for a book to come in from my LFS/LYS.
This weekend I've been planning this trip to Seattle. I will be taking my daughter but my son will have to stay behind. He didn't like being away from school last time so my dear friend, Carla, has agreed to let him stay with her. She doesn't have any children so this should be an adventure for her. My son listens pretty well and he will be in good hands.
On a different note, the weather here has been warm. It's 45 degrees in the Great state of Alaska. The snow is melting at lightening speed. Okay, maybe not lightening speed but it's melting. This means if it gets cold at night all the water will freeze. I've lived here all of my life and do not like driving with icy roads.
Alrighty, off to sweep and mop.