Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall: Times of Change.

Fall time is hands down my favorite time of year. The crispness in the air, the beautiful colors that surround the earth, and the signs of snow. the last part isn't one of my favorites but I can manage. This morning I woke up to bring the kids to school, oh yeah...I had the day off, and there it was....plain as day, frost covering my vehicle. Where did the time go?

One of my favorite past-times is going to Portage Glacier. When I was a little girl, I remember seeing the huge icebergs that filled the water. Now, because of global warming, the glacier lacks the blue chunks of ice that was reminiscent of an Alaskan landmark. My brothers and I used to play with the chips that floated close to the bank. It gave us chills but made us feel inferior, for we have boldly taken on the frozen chunks into our tiny hands. I love those memories.

Before the snow comes in full swing, I will enjoy the glorious fall colors that splash the mountain side. My children love taking little adventures so I took them out this weekend on a little ride to capture their happiness, to bring fresh air into their lungs, and build some memories. We had a blast. I absolutely love taking pictures of my little worms. They are absolutely wonderful when it comes to posing and giving me their best. We went out a little late, as the sun started to hide behind the scattered clouds. I managed a few great snapshots before the sun hid behind the mountainside. I was in my eliment, with the cool air hitting my cheek and the orangeness of the sun hitting them just so, it made them glow! God is an awesome God!

I absolutely love the engery that my children exude, especially when we are out and about. I only hope that this joy continues on in life as they grow and experience new things. My son is going on 13 and I am absolutely devastated; at the same time I am happy that he gets to experience this new change in life. He is my oldest and the emotions that he is experiencing is new to me. I often find myself asking him, "Why are you cring?". I suddenly realize that I will be the mother of a teenager very shortly which will be marked by emotional outbursts and confusion. He always responds with, "I don't know!". This leads me to believe that he is reaching the stage in his life where he transitions from boyhood to teenage hood and I can honesly say....I AM NOT PREPARED!!!

I am, however, prepared to take on the icy road conditions (I pray that it isn't near), for I have purchased a new vehicle and sold the old one. My dear friend Carla owns a Jeep Liberty and she loves it, so I went and purchased one. My car salesman was absolutely wonderful and I am so thankful that he gave me a great deal, I honestly believe that God had his hand in this because of how the market is going. Out of all the dealerships I visited, he was the most sincere and I had a good feeling about him. Thanks Al!