Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday!To the cutest boy I know.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009, Hello!

i'm so excited to welcome the new year, to turn over a new leaf, and to wish happiness and blessings upon all. i haven't put much thought into new years resolutions because lets face it...they are hard to keep...but i did happen upon a few things that i'd like to accomplish.

1.) most importantly, study the Bible more often.
2.) organize my home and re-arrange my furniture.
3.) take more pictures of my children and anything that inspires me to be creative.
4.) spend more time with my best friend, Carla. we both are very busy women and don't take the time to have dinner to talk about girly things.
5.) take in a deep breath when dealing with stressful situations.
6.) look at everything with a positive attitude and use it as a learning experience.
7.) have fun with my kids.
8.) sort through all my junk and donate to salvation army!
9.) be a positive role model to my peers at work.
10.) paint my bedroom.
11.) get new bedroom furniture.
12.) paint my son's room.
13.) eat more fruits and vegetables. I signed up online with full circle farm to receive a variety of yummy fruits and vegetables.
14.) continue to save $$$

with that said, i'd like to recap the much busy year, 2008. here are a few highlights:
1.) mother: my mother had a successful heart transplant in january. my daughter and i were able to spend time in seattle with mom during her recovery. i am grateful for family leave. my son had to stay behind because of school. he was in good hands with my best friend carla and my dear friends patty and harry.
2.) son: my son started jr. high school.....(and turns 13 in one week) i can't believe that he will be a teen in a short week.
3.) mercy me: went on my first mother/son date to see mercy me in concert (woo hoo!) we loved it.
4.) college: successful completion of two classes. i loved my english professor.
5.) brother: he's the best. he played a big part in sending me and my daughter to be by my mother's side in seattle.
6.) carla: carla is my best friend, the sister i've never had. we can talk about anything and everything. she is the only one i can tell my secrets to. during my mother's recovery, she helped care for my son & daughter. i couldn't ask for a better best friend.
7.) harry & patty: i am blessed to have them in my life. in july when my ex-husband passed away, they made it possible to fly to kotzebue for his funeral. they also cared for my daughter abigail while we were gone. i love them so much.