Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I'm not much of a Halloweenie. With all of the hoopla at work about Halloween I decided to allow my children to partake in the the receiving of candy. My son as Captain Hook and my daughter Abigail as Tinkerbell. We live in Alaska so it is a bit cold, she wore a t-shirt under her dress. I had so much fun fixing her hair and adorning it with fairie dust. Doesn't she look adorable? In the past, instead of participating in the halloween thing, we would attend the carnival at our Church. With this cold, I almost wish we had done that instead.

Afterwards we headed over to the hospital to check on my Uncle in the Intensive Care Unit. He has been in a coma for about a week and is not expected to recover. Our family is facing some major decisions in regards to his life and it will be a tough decision for his daughters to make. I only hope that when the decisions are made that the family will stick together.

In the Native communities, families stick together through thick and thin. My mother has a large family. Although she only had three children, the Aunts and Uncles are a plenty. Not to mention the many Cousins. It's always interesting to hear the conversations that are held within the circle. I remember when I was a young girl my cousin Michelle and I would sit and listen to the adults. Now our children are doing so. We never wanted to feel left out, always wanted to be included in the circle, the circle of women, the circle of sisters.

Sisterhood is a strong bond. I don't have a sister, only two brothers. It's not much fun to gossip with my brother. That's not how most men work I suppose...

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