Sunday, October 29, 2006

Making of Beds

(what a lovely room, I love this bed, picture found on the dream room)

The Care And Making Of Beds

1) Air beds daily. It is best to remove all covers.

2) Turn mattress over often. Turn from end to end to prevent sinking in the center. Often brush off the dust.

3) Lay lower sheet in place, right side up. Tuck wide hem in at the head. Stretch smooth, and tuck tightly in at foot and sides.

4) Lay bolster in place, if one is used. Lay upper sheet right side facing down. Place wide hem at top, leaving enough to turn over. Tuck in at foot.

5) Place blankets not quite to top of sheet, tucking them carefully in at foot.

6) Spread counterpane smooth over all: and after shaking pillows, put them in place.

A pad cover is often laid over the mattress, before placing the sheets.

First of all, what is a bolster? says it is a long narrow pillow or cushion. Couldn't they have just said that? :)~ Okay, this was written in 1914.

I don't have time to air my bed out daily. When I get home at the end of the day I just want to go to sleep. (I usually don't because I have insomnia...but the last thing on my mind is to air my bed out.)

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