Sunday, October 29, 2006

Clean House

I have never really enjoyed housekeeping. I do, however, enjoy a clean home. I suppose that would be the fruits of my labor. Being a single parent of two lovely chilren, one in which is going through some terrible two's, I find that it's difficult to ensure that my house is spotless at all times. This perhaps will be a conquest that I shall seek through the years. I guess the first action would be to de-clutter. Hmmm, de-clutter...I was interested to find this word was not in the dictionary (at least not on Which leads me to believe that being in the state of tidiness is unattainable. Is this possible? I hope not. I will make this one of my goals to reach before the year is up.
Here are some things that I need to de-clutter. (I will use this word because it should be in the dictionary.):
1) Childrens clothing
2)never ending paperwork
4)toys (never ending supply)
5)old shoes
6)unused household goods
7)hmmm, I'm sure there are more things that I have not listed....
It seems to me that whenever I have gotten rid of something, something else re-appears. I don't know, some lovely magic trick perhaps?
Then there is the two year old. She seems to pull things out of her hat...things that once were lost are now found. My house will never be in order. Perhaps it is unattainable....nah!

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