Sunday, October 22, 2006


Well today was a nice day to rest.

Last night when I arrived at my house I found a nice surprise waiting for me on my porch. I found a vase filled with pretty pink carnations and a lovely birthday card from my co-workers. My birthday isn't until tomorrow but I thought it was a beautiful gesture.

I don't know how I feel about turning thirty something. I've already started pulling some awful greys.

Some things I wish I accomplished before turning thirty something:

1. Finish my college education (put on hold to work full time and raise two wonderful kids).
2. Travel a little.
3. Tone and firm my body (ugh, this will be a work in progress....).
4. the list will continue to grow...

I don't regret anything that has happened in my life. I only wish I would have been more cautious and thrift spendy with my money. My life as a single mother of Nate and Abby is wonderful. On one income, I managed to purchase a home for my family of three. It's not a terribly big house, but a house none the less. It is a two bedroom ranch style zero lot line. Meaning I have a common wall with another home owner. I don't know how I feel about it, but it's my first home. I've been living here for two years now and purchased this home before I adopted my daughter.

My neighbors are a young couple with one child. I haven't really spoken to them, nor have they spoken to me. I've waved a few times...that's about it. My other neighbor is a lady that lives with a friend. She is always working in her yard and she tends to be a bit nosey. Her yard is immaculate, which I only wish that I spent as much time in mine. With all of my other chores, it makes it difficult to focus on anything else. I guess I lack having a green thumb.

Time to sleep...

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